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Customer Responsibilities

DSR assistance is provided temporarily while Customers prepare themselves and their families for self reliance. 

DSR Customers are responsible for:

  • Developing a Personal Responsibility Plan (PRP) which identifies goals and objectives for achieving self-reliance;
  • Submitting Timesheets by deadlines.
  • Participating in authorized work participation activities for the required minimum, or more, hours of each month.  All adults must work 24 hours per week.
  • Provide accurate and complete information
  • Complying with all scheduled appointments, including arriving on time or contacting the DSR staff to reschedule appointments
  • Reporting in a timely manner, any changes in their circumstances which may affect their benefits and their PRP. Changes must be reported within five (5) working days of the change.


Work Participation and Time sheets

Adult members of the Benefit Group are required to participate in Work Participation Activities immediately after their case is approved.  An assigned DSR Senior Caseworker will help the customer identify Work Participation Activities based on assessment results and goals that are set by the customer.

Each adult in the Benefit Group must complete twenty-four (24) hours of work activities per week each month.  We encourage customers to complete more hours.  Hours must be reported using a DSR Timesheet and submitted to the DSR by the fifth (5th) day of each month.

If the customer does not meet the required Work Participation hours, the monthly benefit payment may be reduced or the case may be closed.  The DSR encourages customers to work with a DSR Senior Caseworker to identify ways that customers can comply with required Work Participation hours.

Timesheets must also reflect approved work activities as identified in the Customer PRP.

What is a PRP?

A Personal Responsibility Plan (PRP) is a plan describing how customers will reach personal goals and become responsible for their families.  Customers and their Senior Caseworker must develop the PRP no later than thirty (30) days after the customer is approved.

The purpose of a PRP is to establish future goals and career paths to become self-reliant.  A DSR Senior Caseworker will review the PRP with the customer on a regular basis.  The PRP may change as the customer progresses toward her/his goals.

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