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What can the DSR do for you?

If you are a parent, the DSR can assist you in:

  • Developing a plan to become self-reliant for you and your family.
  • Deciding on a career goal and preparing for a career.
  • Getting services, education, training and work experience so that you can become employed.

Parents and caretakers can teach children:

  • To prepare for their future by attending school and getting good grades.

Supportive Service

  • Supportive Services are available to assist Customers in addressing barriers in their participation of authorized Work Participation Activities. Supportive Services include:
    • Worksite related expenses such as uniforms, safety equipment, tools, etc....
    • Books, tuition, school supplies, etc....
    • Fees and expenses necessary to acquire and retain employment for example licensure, testing, background checks, etc....
    • Transportation related expenses.


  • Educational and employment incentives are available to reward benefit family members who meet established eligibility criteria.

Customer Development

  • Training opportunities are provided to DSR Customers, starting with basic life skills, including parenting classes as well as work-related training to prepare the Customer for employment in their chosen career field.

Monthly Assistance Program

  • While you and your family are preparing to become self-reliant, DSR Customers may receive assistance basic needs (food, shelter, clothing, utilities, personal hygiene items) for up to sixty (60) months. Customers are encouraged to develop career goals that move them into the workforce within that timeframe.

Work Expense

  • DSR staff are knowledgeable of employment opportunities and job requirements within and near the Service Delivery Area (SDA). In addition, DSR staff will promote Customers to public and private sector employers, identify employment opportunities, participate in and transport Customers to job and career fairs when available.

Customer Training

  • Based upon the customer’s assessment results, DSR staff will gain an understanding of their grade equivalency, help establish a potential career path and identify ways to overcome barriers that may keep them from accomplishing their personal goals.



Service Delivery Area

Near Reservation Communities

Eligible families living within the city limits of a federally recognized “Near Reservation” community, where the Head of Household has a Navajo Census number. The federally recognized “Near Reservation” communities for the DSR are:”

Within the State of

  • Grand Canyon
  • Joseph City
  • Marble Canyon
  • Flagstaff
  • Snowflake
  • Holbrook
  • Page
  • Wupatki
  • Winslow

Within the State of
New Mexico

  • Farmington
  • Aztec
  • Bloomfield
  • Magdalena
  • Cuba
  • Kirtland
  • Grants
  • Milan
  • Socorro
  • Gallup

Navajo Nation

We serve families living within the exterior boundaries of the Navajo Nation, including Trust Lands and the satellite communities of Alamo, Ramah and To’hajiilee; these areas are DSR's Service Delivery Area (SDA).

Contact Us

DSR Support Services

48 W. Highway 264, Quality Inn Office Complex - Suite 108
P.O. Box 2279
Window Rock, AZ 86515

P: (928) 810-8592    F: (928) 810-8557
TOLL FREE: 1-866-347-2403

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